Menu Pirtis residencies program is suited for any creative industry professional, including but not limited to: artists, writers, designers, academics, cultural managers. This program provides the opportunity to live and work in Alytus while using the infrastructure and the equipment of Menu Pirtis.

Menu Pirtis is based in a renovated historical building located in a scenic place of Alytus on the river bank of the Nemunas river. A lively hotspot of the local creative community, Menu Pirtis provides an opportunity for effortless integration into town’s social and cultural life.

Each resident is provided with a fully furnished studio and lodging space, computer (Mac), available on request are photo cameras + lenses (Cannon), easels, bicycles. Adjoined to Menu Pirtis there is a cafe and a day SPA centre,  services of which are available with steep discount.

The residency costs 200 EUR a month per person. The fee includes rent of studio and equipment, utilities and administrative expenses.

Residencies are suited for Lithuanian and foreign creators.

Please contact us if you are interested.