Creative Industries Incubator, “Menu Pirtis” ( “Art Sauna” in English ) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to support of creativity based entrepreneurship.

“Menu pirtis” occupies newly built building located in a central part of Alytus, a town in south-west Lithuania. Incubator’s facilities consist of offices, art studios, exhibition and event halls, and span over 2000 sq. m. in total.

“Menu pirtis” supports the following creative industries: Film and TV production, photography, animation, graphic design, coding and mobile application development, 3D printing, as well as traditional crafts and arts such as jewelry, ceramics and painting.

Premises are designed to meet the requirements of the aforementioned industries and are comprehensively equipped with professional tools and machinery.

“Menu Pirtis” is a regional hub for creative and tech industry. Incubator closely interacts with the various creative industry stakeholders such as universities and colleges, local municipalities, startup accelerators, art communities and individual entrepreneurs.


Currently, incubator hosts more than 20 companies and it’s open to new applicants. If you’d like to become a resident, please contact us.


“Menu Pirtis” is looking forward to engage in partnerships and conduct joint projects.

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Creative Industries Incubator “Menu Pirtis” has been developed with the financial support of the European Union.